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Dive into Delightful Seafood Chowder at Lookout on the Pier

Welcome to Lookout on the Pier, Scarborough's finest seafood cafe nestled by the beachside. Our restaurant is known for serving the most delectable seafood

chowder, and today we'll explore its rich history while celebrating the unrivalled flavours of Alex's chowder, the true star of our menu.

The History of Seafood Chowder:

Seafood chowder has a long and fascinating history, rooted in the coastal communities of North America. Dating back to the early days of European settlers, chowder was born out of a fusion of Indigenous cooking techniques and traditional European recipes. The hearty combination of fresh seafood, potatoes, vegetables, and creamy broth made it an instant favourite among fishermen and locals alike. Over the years, seafood chowder has evolved, with each region adding its unique twist to this beloved dish.

Alex's Chowder - The Best Around at a seafood cafe

near Scarborough Beach:

When it comes to seafood chowder, Alex's chowder reigns supreme at Lookout on the Pier. Prepared with utmost care and passion, our chowder boasts a harmonious blend of flavours that will tantalise your taste buds. Every spoonful is a delightful medley of tender shrimp, succulent clams, flaky fish, and perfectly cooked potatoes, all swimming in a rich and creamy broth. The secret lies in the freshest ingredients sourced from local fishermen, ensuring the utmost quality and flavour in every bowl. Prepared with love and served with a smile, Alex's chowder is a true culinary masterpiece that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Lookout on the Pier - Scarborough Pier Seafood Restaurant:

Lookout on the Pier, Scarborough's premier seafood cafe near Scarborough Beach, invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the legacy of seafood chowder and the unrivalled flavours of Alex's chowder. Situated on Scarborough Pier and offering stunning beachside views, our family-friendly restaurant is the go-to destination for seafood enthusiasts. Come and experience the taste of the sea, prepared with love, at Lookout on the Pier.

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Steve Bott
Steve Bott
Jan 02

Since discovering the place a year or so ago, we never visit the Yorkshire Coast without coming here for their Chowder. We don't have to be staying in or around Scarborough, but always makes a point of coming here.

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